Hospital fire limitation: Coopers Fire curtains

 Hospital fire limitation: Coopers Fire curtains

From smoke curtains to domestic fire curtains, were developed an extensive range of fire curtains and smoke curtains to work with every building sector and application to provide designers with bespoke solutions for every fire protection problem.

Coopers Fire fire and smoke resistant curtains are created to adapt to the aesthetic and commercial design of the opening area of ​​ stairwells, escalators and lobbies, so that their design is done in compliance with fire regulations.

Preventing fires with correct procedure

Carrying out a fire risk assessment will help all staff understand any fire risks they need to be aware of. With fire safety equipment such as sprinkler systems, fire alarms and fire extinguishers, shopping centers remain a safe and healthy environment for the people inside. Fire-resistant curtains prevent the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building, thus limiting the spread of fire. They help the personnel in the premises to make a safe evacuation, facilitating the length of the escape routes. Fire curtains are a product that saves lives.


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