Innovfoam extinguishing robot

 Innovfoam extinguishing robot

The Dutch company InnoVfoam produces extinguishing robots designed to put out fires from a safe distance, being able to access hard-to-reach areas and cast a blanket of foam over the affected area.

Fire risk

Chemical factories and refineries, railway yards, parking garages and tunnels, forests and heathlands are all areas that require a special approach from fire brigades. The risk of the fire spreading, of people getting trapped or of poor visibility due to smoke and heat make deploying people directly even more dangerous. Being able to gauge the risks and make well thought-out decisions as to how a fire should be managed are important factors. Here, it is important for disasters to be assessed under non-threatening circumstances, while keeping a distance from the risk.


Extreme fires, which involve unknown factors that can have a major impact on the risk to personnel, require a special approach. An extinguishing robot can offer a solution in this case. This is a robot that is able to access hard-to-reach areas and that can be operated remotely. Our extinguishing robot can cast a blanket of foam in its path, allowing it to safely move forward. A water screen protects the robot from the heat. Remote controlled fire monitors are used to extinguish the fire. The strategy taken to extinguish the fire can be carefully considered from a safe environment. The extinguishing robot is equipped with powerful electric motors and a diesel generator, a hybrid drive that powers its tracks. The robot is also equipped with hoses for extinguishing water supplied from a fire extinguishing vehicle.


The InnoVfoam extinguishing robot is operated through radio technology, controlling both the movement of the robot and the positioning of the fire monitors. Using a 360 degree camera, it is possible to project the image from the robot into VR glasses. This allows the operation to resemble the direct situation as seen from the robot.


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